Lobbying insurance companies

Lobbying insurance companies to, medical and private investors to provide affordable products targeting infertility in Africa.

Lobbying Government for more support towards infertility

Despite the advancement in medical technology such as IVF, we yet to see ART ministry of Health embracing the new technology to treat infertility cases. BabyHope is pushing the agenda of infertility so that the policy makers can consider more resources towards infertility. Such considerations may include:

  • putting up modern infertility facilities in National and regional hospitals,
  • providing incentives to private investor dealing with infertility 
  • coming up with policies that require insurance companies to come up with products addressing infertility

Members Conferences

We organize for experience sharing forums. Members meet and share experience in presence of qualified medical professionals such as gynecologist as well as urologist. The Forums have proved to be fruitful to many members.

Fundraiser campaigns

We support any fundraiser campaigns for members who would like to go for higher medical treatments such as IVF and other ARTs that are not affordable to many.

Recruitment of members

Infertility is a disease. However, it’s normally difficult to get a couple to disclose about their infertility status especially if a Man is affected. It takes a lot of efforts to get a new member to come out and speak about this disease that’s affecting many in the society

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