The idea of forming a non-profit organization to cover infertility was formed by a couple who had tried to get a baby for four years without results. The couple had spent thousands of dollars in medication including IVF treatment. However, IVF treatment could not work for couple. But by the grace of God, the couple bore an adorable baby boy in a natural way. It’s in gratitude to God that the couple resolved to spend the rest of their time combating the stigma of infertility in Africa. This is by mobilizing as many individuals, organizations, governments, churches, mosques and other faith based organizations to help other couples struggling with infertility issues in Africa.

Mission & Vision


Our Mission is to help African couple who have health concerns related to infertility by providing free fertility information, moral support, emotional support as well as guidance and counseling.



To promote integrated and holistic reproductive health support services – starting from community level to demystify the causes and prevent infertility when possible and to provide financial, moral and emotional support where infertility occurs among married couples.

Project Objectives

The objectives of the BabyHope are to:

  1. To disseminate information regarding infertility to the community with an aim of fighting off the stigma faced by affected couples.
  2. To provide moral support to couples and individuals who have problems related to reproductive system through guidance and counseling
  3. To offer emotional support to couples and individuals who have problems related to reproductive health by providing a forum through which people with related problems regarding reproductive system can share information and exchange ideas.
  4. Articulate reproductive health needs to governments, health institutions, researchers and donors in order to get workable solutions from all stakeholders.
  5. To promote efficient and effective reproductive health education
  6. To share knowledge, skills, research findings, information, best practices and lessons learnt among individuals and couples who have gone through any problems related to reproductive health such as infertility.
  7. To bring affected couples together in order to:
    • Exchange information about workable solutions for infertility through online programs, infertility groups etc.
    • Find strength in unity and possibly develop power to negotiate for reduced cost of treatment at infertility clinics
  8. To support fundraiser campaign for couple in groups or individuals through the media as a way of encouraging couples to speak out about infertility problems
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